Lifestyles – Gourmet Twist

Let Chef Georges Mokbel take some of your everyday recipes and turn them into something very special for this holiday season. Mokbel has garnered impressive notoriety and distinction as a true artist in preparing and presenting dishes that are unparalleled in his field and wants to show cooks at home how to effortlessly present meals in a more beautiful and festive manner. For those who are done with venturing into learning or making new recipes, he advises surprising your guests by making them think that you have transformed yourself into a gourmet chef!
“I will show you some very easy tricks that will entice them,” Mokbel promises. “Going back to the basics is my essential rule. Apply these tips to what you already know and create something fabulous.” Mokbel urges chefs at home this holiday season to check out the following examples
of some everyday dishes that he has created and see how easily you can give them a gourmet twist. The results, he predicts, are a sensational
holiday meal that is worthy of impressing the finest food connoisseurs.

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